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on May 1, 2006 in Thought of the Month

Think Outside the Box

 Greater Prairie Chicken

The TOM is rather short, it’s rather obvious. Photographers all too often are happy with wherever they set down their tripod. They see some other photographer, they assume that photographer must know something so they set up near them. Photographers all too often get a shot they are happy with and they stop there, they don’t go to the next level and push themselves. Photographers see a photograph they like and try to copy it only to wonder why theirs falls short. They miss the subtle details that make the big difference. Photographers all too often, just settle and don’t grow! For you and your photography to grow, you’ve got to take the next step. Not a giant leap because normally you fall into a deep hole you can’t get out of. Rather, take constant small steps so you keep moving forward while avoiding the giant holes. Yeah, this is difficult because there are no road maps, photographers including myself don’t write about the how’s of accomplishing this but a large part of the learning is thinking for one’s self. It’s real simple, to improve your photography, think outside the box.