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on May 22, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Wimberley WH-200 Head – 05.22.06

Wimberley WH-200I finally received the new Wimberley WH-200, the new version of the famous Wimberley head. Dang, darn sweet!

The loss of one pound is killer! It’s slightly smaller size and less weight is a huge improvement in these days of more and more painful air travel. The Arca Swiss clamp is now built into the unit rather than a bolt on extra as before. The Pan knob is now to the side and is easier to use (don’t get your fingers pinched) and the tilt knob is now rubberized.

The Wimberley has the same action feel and reliability we’ve all come to expect from the head. Nothing was sacrificed in the slimming down of the head. I’m not real keen on the new finish, shows dirt and scuffs in a heartbeat. Our Wimberley Head Cover fits the new model and is needed even more than ever if you want to keep you head looking new.

With the smaller size and lighter weight, I think the Arca Swiss B2 which I still used for the 200-400VR will be retired. That extra pound can make a big difference depending on where you’re traveling but with the B2 weighing more than the new Wimberley, the Wimberley wins hands down.

Be sure to check out the chart for lens compatibility because some of the longer lenses need the special Wimberley plate to work with the head. You will also need the new Flash Arm, F-9 as the old flash no longer works.

This is a MUST have!