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on Jun 23, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Nikon 105VR micro – 06.23.06

105VR MicroThis lens didn’t even grab my attention at first. While I was told about it long before it’s announcement, I’m perfectly happy with the 70-180 & 60mc for my limited macro needs. It wasn’t until my good friend/mentor Joe McNally showed up with one at our DLWS event that he had purchased that my interest was peaked. He was kind enough to not only share the lens with me, but his thoughts on the lens (he loves it) and applying it. The man is a genius (and not just about lighting!) I got the 105VR and I just LOVE it for portraits (you can count the hairs)! Yeah, it does that macro thing but the working distance of the 105mm at marco has never fit my style. It’s everything else this lens can do that I love shooting it. Its barrel diameter fits my hand just right, especially when I have gloves on. It’s one FINE lens (darn sexy too!), come to a DLWS event… we’ll let you get hooked!