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on Jun 26, 2006 in Just Out!, Random Thoughts

Howdy All! 06-26-06

Welcome to Moose Blog!

You’ve seen it all now!

I never thought I would be doing this, but now seems to be the right time for the Moose Blog to come alive and the infamous Moose News to fade away. Daily there is something new that comes along in photography, some items are ones I want to share but there was no simple way for me to do it from all the places in the world I travel to. This blog facilitates my being able to stay in touch with the news from anywhere! Isn’t technology just grand!

Those with a Google Home Page or with the right email package, you can receive the Moose Blog Feed so everytime I post something new, you are automatically notified. The blog will make it a whole lot easier for me to keep you informed on those tools, techniques and places I find very helpful in my own photography. We hope that what we have to present here helps you make the most of your wildlife photography! Get out there and shot!