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on Jun 21, 2006 in Random Thoughts, Just Out!

Nikon Pro – 06.21.06

In May, I was exposed to a whole new part of our country and a marvelous shooting locale that’s being highlighted currently on Nikon Pro. South Texas Bird photography is HOT in every sense of the word. I’ll have an extensive piece about my trip in the upcoming BT Journal. I can’t say enough great things about shooting there, or the folks who are your hosts. In a short period of time, I photographed 37species of birds and 2 species of mammals. Two camera rigs running at the same wasn’t enough to capture it all! Be sure to check it all...

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on Jun 1, 2006 in Wildlife Photography, Thought of the Month

Analyzing – it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be!

Have you ever read Time Exposure by William Henry Jackson? It’s a great read about an era, humanity and philosophy that’s long passed. William Henry Jackson for those who don’t know the name was a pioneer landscape/nature photograph. I mean pioneer in every sense of the world. From being thought of as the inventor of the picture postcard, one of the first to use color film, and being the photographer for the Hayden Expedition to Yellowstone, he was a pioneer. He took the first photos of that grand place, can you even imagine what that was like? (He also went to congress with those photos to lobby them into creating  Yellowstone Nat’l Park.) I bring him up because, well, I often wonder what this hero of mine would think of today’s photographers. He had to carry all of his glass plates, tent & chemicals to the locale he was going to photograph, set it all up including the camera, run to the tent, coat the glass plate, run...

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