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on Jul 11, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

RRS B150-B – 07.11.06

B150-B (c) Moose Peterson

Man…micro heavy lately…can you tell what my current project involves? 🙂

Really Right Stuff is now shipping their new B150-B Focusing Rail and man, it’s sweet! All Arca Swiss style dove & tail for easy on/off. Quick slide button on the side of the clamp, lockable stage, 150mm of ruled rail that can be accessed with smooth geared percesion, it’s a work of art that’s a killer tool! I recommend getting the B150-B Package which permits you to attach either a body to the B150-B or a collared lens like the 70-80 or 200micro via their LMT system.

I really appreciate having the ability to set the magnification I require on the lens and then with a simple turn of the knob on the B150-B, “zoom” right in on the subject for percise focus. The geared action is not only smooth, but very precise for critical focus. Coupled with the BH-55, this is a great rig for macro photography.
Now, if RRS could only do something about the wind when I’m doing macro work!