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on Jul 14, 2006 in Just Out!

RRS TP-243 Ground 'pod 07.14.06

Tp-243.jpgWow, things just keep getting better and better for macro photography. I just received the new Really Right Stuff TP-243 Super Robust Ground ‘Pod yesterday and it’s sweet! It can easily hold a 600f4 rock solid at its maximum height (which you can’t see here, photo sweep too small to extend legs fully) of 16.9″. Or it can go flat, and I mean flat on the ground. Easily and quickly with just a couple of clicks the legs kick out and your flat to the ground. The Ground ‘pod is so small and easy to take along and with its versatility, it’s a must for the working wildlife photographer. You get a sense of scale by the 200f2VR attached to the TP-243 in the photo. I took a number of test shots with this rig using at a shutter speed of 2sec and the images were tack sharp-the Ground ‘pod is a rock!
The leg ends can be switched out to the points you see here or to rubber feet for working on softer surfaces. You can head to the RRS TP-243 page where you can see both leg feet (along with all of its impressive specs). The TP-243 of course works perfectly with the BH-55 or BH-40 heads (but the case that comes with the TP-243 doesn’t accomodate any head) but it also works perfectly with the Wimberley for the 600mm. While the TP-243 goes flat to the ground, these heads of course bring your camera gear above ground level. And while I keep talking about using it for long lenses, it is really ideal for macro work where you need to get in tight, not effect the subject and have rock solid support with awkward gear attached on awkward slopes. The TP-243’s small size makes it a natural to always have along with you!