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on Aug 1, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Lexar’s 133x 8GB – 08.01.06

8gb133x-8gb40x.jpgThe new Lexar 8GB 133x card is a scream! As I’ve noted before, this increased write speed doesn’t help the camera end, but it SURE does help the computer end. With two 8GB cards full to the brim with D2X files (used the same files on all cards), I got these speeds:

8GB 133x 11.75mps or 11.3min

8GB 40x 4.84mps or 27.61min

for comparison

4GB 133x 11.64MPS

this was using Lexar’s screaming card reader . That’s a WHOLE lot of time saved in uploading images. That just can’t be ignored.

What’s also cool is the 133x is a Type 1 card where the 40x is a Type II card. Not that the size or weight makes any operational difference, but it does open the door for bigger cards in the future. The way folks keep screaming for FF sensors, bigger files are coming so we’ll need bigger cards. For now, I’m quite happy with the 133x 8GB D2X/D2Hs combo.

The 133x has left the old card in the shadows!