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on Aug 11, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

VisibleDust Swabs – 08.10.06

vdust.jpgKeeping CCDs clean is a real challenge for many. We are constantly being asked how to clean CCDs . First part of this process is to realize you’ve bought a really expensive camera, so counting pennies when it comes to keeping it working correctly is real silly. It’s real simple once you realize you just need to bite the bullet and get the GOOD stuff right from the start and then your CCD dust problems are solved.

There’s only one option IMHO and that’s the products from the folks at VisibleDust . I’ve been using their products since they first came on the market and haven’t had a dust problem sence. Their latest products are really darn cool and work beautifully. VisibleDust Swabs are THE best hands down. They have two types, orange and green. Orange works with their VDust Formula for removing dust from your CCD. The green swabs work with their Sensor Clean when you have a smudge on your CCD. It’s a killer solution. We sacrificed two swabs testing the products and we were incredibly impressed how with perfection our CCD was spotless after cleaning.

Yes, these products cost real money! It’s really up to you, do you want to risk having a piece of dust covering up a vital part of your image, risking the loss of detail, or do you just want to shoot and not worry about such things? The answer is real easy for me, buy VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly , buy their VisibleDust Swabs and cleaning fluid and forget about dust problems.