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on Aug 18, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

MC-36 – 08.18.06

mc36.jpgNikon did a soft release of the MC-36 a few months back. It’s taken a while, but I finally recieved mine this week. It’s a very cool tool that replaces the MC-30 as a electronic cable release. You’ve probably not heard of it. Like I said, Nikon did a real soft release on the MC-36 and their website has little to no info. If you go looking at the price, you might wonder why a electronic cable release is so expensive.

The MC-36 has a built in interval timer. Why would one want that when it’s already incorporated into so many camera bodies? Have you ever done star trails? I have a huge collection from nearly everywhere I’ve been. That was film days and while I still do them with digital, it’s not the same. Working on a new technique for achieving better star trails than I did with film, I needed a better interval timer system than that built into the camera. The MC-36 provides that feature.

If you go out all excited about getting one, be prepared for disappointment. Like the 28f1.4, the MC-36 is nowhere to be found right now. Adorama was real good about informing me when they came in stock so if you want one, I would get on a list. I’ll have more on the MC-36 and digital Star Trails in the next issue of the BT Journal.

Tech Note: We receive lots of emails asking how we get the product shots. They are all taken by me, an old passion and fun past time (there are a couple of exceptions). This photo is a single SB-800 flash with a custom snoot (thanks Rog!) made from Cinefoil fired remotely with a SU-800.