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on Sep 26, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Epson P5000 – 09.26.06

I told myself I wasn’t going to get caught up in PhotoKina madness and for the first time in many years, I’m not checking constantly for new releases. Thankfully, I have some good friends at PhotoKina keeping me in the loop. Epson today announced the P3000 & P5000. Here’s the specs, it’s the LCD & transfer speed that have me instantly requesting the P5000. It will rock for a new book project I’ve started. Large Four-inch LCD: View and share images and videos with precise clarity and detail in 640 x 480 high-resolution. World’s First Four-Color LCD: New Photo Fine Ultra technology offers the world’s first four-color filter system of red, blue, emerald green and yellow green, rather than the standard three-color LCD technology; capable of displaying over 16.7 million colors, enabling images to be reproduced more accurately than ever before. High Capacity Hard Drive: Download, view and store thousands of JPEG and RAW photos, or videos and music with either a 40GB (P-3000) or 80GB (P-5000) hard disk...

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on Sep 25, 2006 in Just Out!

Epson Print Academy – 09.25.06

Epson is really busy…and it’s all good for YOU! First, they announced their new 17″ printer, the 3800. Printing technology is jumping by leaps and bounds with Epson coming out with products that really make our images shine! The price is to be around $1300 with it being available in December. Next, I just received an email from Dano at Epson that the Print Academy has added new events this coming spring. Having been to the PA myself (had a great time, learned alot) and having friends teach there like Vincent & John Paul, I can’t recommend it enough to you. The new cities/dates are: October 28 Phoenix November 11 Salt Lake City December 2 Atlanta January 20 Los Angeles/Orange County January 28 New York City Both the Track One and Track Two programs will feature the recently announced Stylus Pro 3800 printer Be sure to check it out. Click on the logo to learn...

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on Sep 18, 2006 in Just Out!

Great Book! 09-18-06

And he says it’s not for pros! Had a little time on the flight to Alaska, so I read Scott Kelby’s new book, The Digital Photography Book that I picked up at Photoshop World. Scott makes a big fuss that it’s not for pros, but I would argue that! I’m so excited about the material, I set up a little studio in my Kenai Princess room to take the cover shot so I could post as soon as I got online again. The info is solid, the techniques well described, the logic–flawless! Yeah, some might be a little “basic” for some photographers, but it’s all great info that should the foundation of all photographers. I can’t recommend this...

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on Sep 11, 2006 in Random Thoughts

Photoshop World – 09.11.06

WOW!!! What a week! I’m now up in Alaska, exhausted from an amazing week at Photoshop World. Want to thank everyone for a very memorable week of fun and commaradery. The NAPP Photo Safari started off our week. We went shooting at Valley of Fire were we found some killer landscapes. We had Joe McNally with us as an instructor for the first time. Now not truly a landscape photographer, he still managed to find us some great forms. Joe worked his magic for the group, doing some amazing lighting with the setting sun and lightning. Our model MC was really great, working until the last ray of light bounced off the rocks. Using a student as a VAL, I set up just one light off to the side for this shot. If you’ve not been to a Photoshop World, come join in on the fun! Photo captured by D2X, 200f2, 1-SB-800 on Lexar digital...

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on Sep 2, 2006 in Thought of the Month

When All Else Fails – 09.02.06

Ever noticed how there are some days when you can’t do nothing right. You ever set up your tripod and getting everything just right, just about to press the button and one tripod leg slips messing everything up because you didn’t tighten it enough? Here’s one everyone can relate to. You’re out shooting a sunset and dial in minus compensation to capture the perfect color. The next day you review your morning images only to find you forgot to dial out that minus compensation from the sunset. How about you put your normal body cap on your teleconverter by mistake? The list of technical errors can go on and on but they are nothing compared to mental errors. We all know about trying to shoot a series of shots when the film counter was at 35 (yeah, talking about film). There’s always that time when you took one extra step closer to a subject, one your gut said not to take, only to be taken and the subject takes...

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