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on Oct 6, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

New Firmware Coolnesses – 10.06.06

D2 Blog.jpgSo, have you updated your D2X / D2Hs yet? I know I have, instantly. There are some cool new features to the new firmware you might not have read the fine print or played with yet to know about. Here’s just a couple of highlights that might just get you excited.

There is a five page PDF instruction manual update you can always refer to since I’m going to be brief.

*AF speed increase: while there’s no want of quantitively express an increase, AF speed, especially acquisition in low light is better.

*Burst has increased from 35 to 60 frames BUT the buffer size hasn’t increased. I’ve not thoroughly tested this yet but it sure sounds good.

*Tone Compensation: you can now load up to 3 custom curves via Camera Control or NC 4.4.2

*When you select sRGB, you now have available a B&W mode. personally, I’d still to convert in post, but you now have the option in camera.

*GPS: not a biggie for many, it is for me, it now works with a digital compass & records GPS in three decimal places.

*Custom Function f5: This permits you to assign basically TWO functions to the Function Button. For example, I have High-speed crop assigned to FUNC +Command Dial and Flash off assigned to just FUNC. Before the new firmware, you could only assign ONE function to the Function button.

*Image Authentication: I have the feeling this feature will have added features in the near future, turn it on now!

*Save/Load Settings: loads YOUR camera settings onto the CF Card so when you switch cards in camera, in theory, you can instantly have all your settings set up in the new camera.

*CCD Cleaning: has now been made “easier” because the Mirror lock-up can now be used WITHOUT a AC adapter for cleaning your CCD.

These are the settings that I’ve been working with and see improvements. I strongly suggest you spend the weekend playing to find what works best for YOUR photography.