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on Oct 15, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Enough Already! – 10.15.06

DP4 logo copy.jpg

Which DAM (Digital Assest Management) program do I use? This is the HOTTEST and most frequent question I get. After spending the entire summer using Photo Mechanic, Aperture (yeah, had a Mac for a short time) and even Adboe Lightroom (beta4), DigitalPro for me beats them all hands down. Why? It’s real simple…SPEED!

I want one thing from my DAM program, to get back out shooting again, FAST! I want to be able to upload images fast (DigitalPro being the ONLY program taking advantage of Lexar’s multiple readers so I can upload up to 4 cards with one click), I want to sort my images FAST (DigitalPro again being the first to nest NEF files behind the Jpegs for single click editing/filing) and I want to find ALL my folders & images at once and not have to sort through or create new libraries all the time (DigitalPro like myself, is Window OS only). Lastly, I don’t want my computer’s resources swallowed up by my DAM and DigitalPro takes up the least of all DAMs. Hey, there’s no team of Window programers as good or know how to get the most out of Windows like David Caridnal, the genius behind the DigitalPro coding!

When it comes to Post Processing, if I’m going to post process I’m doing to do it right. I’m going to use DigitalPro to Publish (copy) my NEF to a Temp file and then open that file copy with Capture NX and process it properly and fully. Than, I’m going to finish that photo in the only program, the ONLY program for finishing images, Photoshop. Yeah, you can buy DAMs that do all of that, but if you’re going to make a large print from those programs, someone like myself is going to see the difference.

Now if working quickly so you can be back our shooting again isn’t important to you; if you’re not sending your images to a client or gallery and just printing for yourself; if you’re just wanting to make yourself happy, than Adobe Lightroom is the way to go. But if you want to maximize your time, you’re in the business of photography, your image quality is imperative and make the best from your efforts behind the camera, DigitalPro is the DAM for you. Hopefully now, with this blogged, folks won’t need to email me asking which program I use. There is no ONE program IMHO that does it all. The digital photographer needs a DAM, Raw processer and Photoshop to get the most from their digital capture.