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on Dec 1, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Moose’s Camera Bag – 12.01.06


Long time, no update. Moose’s Camera Bag has been WAY behind the times, but it is no more. Spent last week writing and rewriting the text and shooting new product shots to get it all jazzed up. It’s all ready for you to point those looking for xmas presents for you to for ideas. Wasn’t that thoughtfull of me.

You’ll find a few changes in my gear which while not new to me, it might be to you. Please understand that this is the gear that I find works for me as a visuall communicator and photographer making his living from his images. This is just information and not edict from up high, you do not have to have this camera gear to be successful. Since I don’t know you, your style of photography or abilities, I cannot be of help directly. MCB is posted as mere suggestions, a starting point, a sounding board for your own quest for the perfect camera bag of goods. Enjoy, I hope it helps you on your photographic pursuits! Mouse over the items on MCB to see exactly what they are, or click on an item to read the brief write up.

On a side note, we have in stock all of our photopacks. If you’re looking for another item for you xmas list, any order received by 12.20 will arrive in time for the holidays.