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on Dec 6, 2006 in Just Out!, Random Thoughts

Moose Gallery Printing – 12.06.06


I know, I’ve not updated the Moose Gallery for some time. Time is the problem. I’m getting there but part of the problem is a good one caused by some of you. Our 7800 printer is on most of the day creating prints for print orders. In fact, we are slightly backed up which is a good thing (caused also in part by paper backorder). I just want everyone to know you will have your print orders in plently of time to have them under the tree. I want to thank you all for your support and passion.

The real reason I’m making this post is to answer a general question we’ve been receiving a lot of late. The question-What are some of the nuts & bolts of our printing process? It would seem many of you are creating prints for xmas presents which is VERY cool! There is no finer gift than a gift coming from the heart and that’s what a print represents in my book. Anyways, to the answer.

We are printing on the Epson 7800 printer using Matte Black ink. My paper of choice is the UltraSmooth Fine Art. I use this paper for both color and B&W prints. I’m using the Epson profile for the paper (new profile SP7898 USFAP 2880.icc posted 11.03.06). I use the Advance B&W settings and generally I use the Neutral or Cool setting for my B&W prints. Should I be using a RIP? Perhaps. I really like the results I’m getting now with this profile and might like the results from the RIP even more. It’s a time issue, getting the RIP, testing and the like. These are just my preferences based on making lots of test prints and seeing what works best for me to communicate visually.

I am by no means the expert here, I just know my own personal likes and have found what fills them. I would highly recommend heading to John Paul Caponigro’s website who is an expert and very willing to share his vast knowledge. You’ll find a lot of info there is you’re willing to read and think. He also has an excllent article in the current issue of Photoshop User magazine on ink which is good info you should tuck in the back of your mind. And if you can get your hands on a copy of his book Adobe Photoshop Master Class I would highly recommend it since intial capture and than post processing is what makes the print gorgeous! You can also learn from John Paul in person at the Epson Print Acedemy which I highly recommend.

As to the new Epson 3800 printer, we are installing those in the office as we speak. Why? We’re replacing the 2400 with the 3800 because we pound this printer both for making our submissions to clients and printing out our 13x and 8x prints. It is not uncommon for our digital darkroom machine to have both printers going at once.

I hope I’ve covered most of the questions, if not, I know you’ll find me! Have fun printing & sharing those prints with your loved ones this holiday season.