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on Nov 2, 2006 in Random Thoughts

Thanks NYC! – 11.02.06

WOW…want a turn out of Moose Fans at PhotoPlus today. Lexar hosted me at their booth where I did four presentations. From opening to closing, a whole lot of you came to shake hands, introduce yourself and tell me about your photographic passions. Even had good friends like Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, Howard Schatz, Bruce Dale & Bill Neill come by, too cool! I sure appreciate each and everyone of you taking the time to stop by and saying hello. Thanks also to Lexar for bringing me in for a great event! Thanks Jeff! Photo captured by Sharon Peterson with D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital...

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on Nov 2, 2006 in Random Thoughts

NYC – 11.01.06

Ran into a good friend last night at a meeting, she said, “Moose in the city, you lost?” I like wildlife in all forms and NYC is as wild life as you’re going to find. I really like exploring the city in B&W, this is one of my favorites from the week. Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital...

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on Nov 1, 2006 in Thought of the Month

What is a Rut? – 11.01.06

CT Graveyard Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 at 1.4 on Lexar digital film The weather is bad, the camera is old, I don’t have the right lens, my computer is acting up, the light sucks, when I hear excuses like this for continually not shooting, it’s a sure sign the photographer is in a rut. What is a rut? In photographic terms, it’s when the creative juices aren’t flowing any more, the passion is on the verge of slipping away. Burn out in layman terms. It’s not a good thing. Can this happen to anyone? You bet! I’ve seen it happen all to often to photographers who had lots of potential but for many reasons, were never able to live up to it. The books are full of images from great photographers who, in general terms, hit a rut and were never to dig themselves back out again. Do you exhibit the warning signs? Do you use any of the phrases, or a whole lot more, to justify why...

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on Oct 29, 2006 in Random Thoughts

New York View – 10.29.06

Fullfilled a long time desire, to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk. My good friend Joe McNally made it happen for Sharon & I tonight. No, there was no wildlife about except a lonely gull, it’s just a very cool place to watch life and light go by. Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital...

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on Oct 27, 2006 in Random Thoughts

McNally Shoot – 10.27.06

Wow… what a day! I was very fortunate today to spend it with my bud Joe McNally while he was shooting for his latest editorial shoot. Shooting on location at U.Conn, he took an otherwise disasterous “set” and made the magic Joe is lengdary for producing. Being an “assistant” on a stills set takes me way back. It was darn, good ole fashion fun! Thanks Joe! Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital...

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