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on Jan 26, 2007 in Just Out!

Delkin Sensor Scope – 01.26.07


Making sure your sensor is clean just got a whole lot easier!

When I first heard about Delkin’s SensorScope, I have to admit I wondered if such a device would be of any use. Well, I received one today, in fact, I received the whole cleaning kit! The kit contains the SensorScope, a USB / battery powered (a cool USB battery is included) SensorVac which has its own light, sensor cleaning solution and swabs. You can see the kit in its case pictured above. There is a 2nd photo above, in the left corner is the SensorScope in action. What you’re seeing in the SensorScope is the CCD’s bayer array lit up and magnified 5x. Yeah, this thing works so well you can see that!

To use the SensorScope, you want to have it right up to your eye, otherwise you’ll see what you see in the photo above. Now, with your eye right to the scope, what do you see? You do see microscopic dust particles, no problem. With a trained eye, you could see them without the scope the problem is, very few have that eye. I wanted to put the SensorScope to a real hard test, would it permit us to see a smear on the CCD caused by our own bad cleaning? I sacrificed one of my old collection D1 bodies’ sensor for the test. I made a bad smear on the sensor; than went and cleaned it. Looking with the naked eye, I could not see any residue left on the CCD. I then put the SensorScope on the camera and low and behold, there was a smear on the CCD I would have missed if I had not used the SensorScope. That proved it to me. I have to have one in my cleaning kit from now on.

No, they are not inexpensive. But compared to loosing detail in a file because of a smear or piece of dust on a key content detail, they are more than worth their price. The SensorScope is a tool you should have in your bag! They are already on backorder, but you can get yours here.