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on Mar 24, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

My Bag – 03.24.07


What am I using to carry all my gear (seems a little obvious to me)? I received a lot of emails during and after my Homer trip asking me this. I use a black, MP-1, True, while the photos on Moose’s Camera Bag weren’t updated when I recently updated the gear list, but not much as really changed. I do understand folk’s concern and worry about traveling by air. Stories are out there of photographers having real issues when boarding. I witnessed one myself recently and personally, I felt the photographers dug their own grave (and made it harder for the next photographer). Common sense still rules the day. Here’s what’s packed in my MP-1 for the TX shoot:

Long Lens Compartment: D2Xs, 600f4 AFS II, MC-30, ski cap, spare eyecup & eyepiece, spare LCD cover
Top Short Lens Compartment: 70-180macro, 10.5, TC-17e, 12-24DX, 17-55AFS, SB-800, 2-Nikon polarizers, SD-8a & 10 spare AA batteries
Bottom Short Lens Compartment: D2Hs, 105VR, 100GB Fortress, SC-28

I’ve NEVER had ONE problem getting my MP-1 (or MP-3) with all this gear on a plane or in an overhead. Yes, I have had some gate agents ask if it will fit while boarding but with a smile, I tell them the same thing. “I’ve never had a problem getting it in an overhead” and away I go. Now if they asked to weigh the MP-1, well, I’d than be in a world of hurt!

Many ask about tripods and other gear. I take either the Gitzo 5540 or 3540 when I’m flying, the longest lens I’m going to be using the determining factor. Which tripod I take is packed in the checked luggage along with corresponding head, in an Eagle Creek rolling duffel. I also travel with a Tamrac Jumbo Rolling Strongbox. In this I have misc camera gear like chargers, cords, books, notebook charger, bins, extra SB-800s, etc.

The notebook(s), yes, I often have 2 with me, along with other “computer” stuff are carried on in a Swiss Army rolling briefcase. And with this, I’m good to go. I hope this answers all the questions and gives you some ideas how to travel easily and safely. Please don’t let the stories scare you from getting out and exploring whatever corner of the world your camera points you!