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on Mar 31, 2007 in Random Thoughts

6th Day in TX – 03.31.07


So, we’re at the airport at 4am to head back home, lightning has been lighting up the skies since sunset and it’s still at it. We walk in to the terminal to see this horrendous line and an itty, bitty piece of xerox paper saying our fight hand been canceled. An hour and a half later we get to counter, Laurie can get home by Tuesday and I can get home Sunday. Since we both have to be in Boston on Monday for Photoshop World, we need to find a better option, fast. Laurie gets on her cell phone and instantly has us flying out of Austin. Back to the rental car desk, back on the freeway and back to another airport. I always have my D200 w/28f1.4AF on my shoulder so while I had time, I went around the Austin airport and made some images. Hopefully, between my very tired eyes and working on battery power, the B&W graphic looks OK.

Surviving my first Laurie Excell WildTour, I can honestly say that besides making some great photography come to life, she never leaves out one dull moment! Thanks Laurie!

Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 AF on Lexar digital film