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on Mar 28, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

3rd Day TX – 03.28.07

Well, there I am in the blind bloody early this AM when this lovely pair of Scaled Quail appears. I REALLY like this bird and didn’t even get the images I wanted last year of it. The pair teased me, half hiding in some shrubs, darting out for a moment and than back in permitting only a capture or two that included grasses. Than, the pair comes out again into plain view, ah, gorgeous. I click off a few frames when all of a sudden I’m viciously attacked causing me to miss this rest of this amazing opp. What hit me? Laurie, oh, sweet Laurie says a simple one liner causing me to laugh so much, so hard, I couldn’t shoot. I don’t think she’s playing fair! Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4 AFS II on Lexar digital...

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on Mar 27, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

2nd Day TX #2- 03.27.07

Hot Dogs! A bird I’ve wanted to photograph for a very LONG time is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. We started the morning seeing lots of them along the road in the predawn light. Kent was great and drove us right up to one at the start of the afternoon shooting. That broke the jinx. On the way back in from shooting in the blind at sunset, Kent worked his magic and drove us up beside a couple more flycatchers. This last one taken was literally after the sun had set and it was just gorgeous! Keeping the 600f4 rock solid handholding it out the window of the truck was hard. Not because it was heavy, but because I was so excited with what I was seeing in my viewfinder. It’s a great start to the file! Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4 AFS II on Lexar digital film PS…don’t forget to check out Laurie’s blog to see what she photographed...

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on Mar 27, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

2nd Day TX – 03.27.07

It was a great day of shooting, just finished editing 32GB of images (and it’s the next day now). It was the day of the woodpecker, the Golden-fronted Woodpecker which you see here. We were on the Weaver Ranch today (GREAT place!) who must have the entire state’s population of Golden-fronted. We were in the blind for over 9hrs today and most the time was spent with Woody! Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4 AFS II on Lexar digital...

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on Mar 26, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

1st Day TX – 03.26.07

First day in TX and the weather just wasn’t our friend. Woke up to rain and cloudy skies which turned into a cloudy and really windy day. None the less, Laurie & I put in a full day and at times, had some really good shooting. How good? Well, Laurie & I thought we might do a little dueling blogging this week. She’s going to post an image or two, and so will I each day, our favorites. You can look at the images and decide who had the better day. Of course, we all win because if nothing else, well have fun. Here’s #1, a Cactus Wren. Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4AFS II on Lexar digital...

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