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on Apr 19, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Landscape Photography

Try All Over – 04.19.07


Driving home from Bryce, Sharon & I journeyed through Zion Nat’l Park. There is no doubt it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous place, but photographically, it’s just never grabbed me. Yeah, I’ve been there many times, spent up to a week hiking its many canyons, taking a camera along every time and yet, it’s never grabbed my imagination. So in exploring it again today, I wanted to push myself to find something that would excite my camera. And while I looked and looked, I still didn’t manage to make an image that speaks to the beauty that is Zion. Just means I have to go back again and try all over.

Photo captured by D200, 85f1.4 AF on Lexar digital film

PS…some have emailed me asking about what’s up with the 85f1.4. Looking for other f1.4 lenses to add to my EDL arsenal, Equipment hooked me up with one. It’s one damn sharp lens!