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on May 9, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

Sweeping in TX – 05.09.07


Yeap, I’m cleaning up on this project! This project, which I won’t say what it is until I leave this week, is more intense and diverse than probably any other I’ve done in a long time. Here, Wade is literally doing what the biologists call sweeping. They collect up to 10,000 live, wild insects everyday here that are used as live feed. My comment as I took this photo was, “at least they don’t issue you tweasers!” I spent the afternoon with the Stacey who put out all the insects to feed the chicks. A long, 13hr, killer day…just finished filling the 1100 images and will be out again in 6hrs shooting. I love it!

Photo captured by D2Hs, 200f2VR on Lexar digital film