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on Jun 25, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Sensor Loupe – 06.25.07

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE VisibleDust fan as you can read here and here. I depend on their products to keep my CCD clean. They have come out with the Sensor Loupe which I ~really~ like! Three reasons: you don’t have to hold the light switch on to see, you don’t have to have my eye right on the loupe to see the CCD and lastly, all you have to buy is the Loupe, nothing else. It comes in its own case, sub case and cleaning cloth. It’s a class act all the way just like all VisibleDust...

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on Jun 23, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Coolest Tool Ever! – 06.23.07

My family knows me all too well! They got me the coolest toy tool ever for Father’s Day, the N2 di-GPS mini. GPS is a very important part of the projects I do. Being able record GPS data directly into the EXIF data of a image saves tons of time taking notes and is a whole lot more accurate. Up until a week ago, I used a Garmin unit that connected to the D2Xs, D2Hs or D200 via the MC-35. This is all very bulky and really only works when working off a tripod so I can secure the GPS unit and the long, long MC-35. The N2 di-GPS mini as you can see here, slips right into the hot shoe and its very, very short cord plugs into the 10pin socket. It draws its power (what little it uses but it does keep the camera on so you can drain it) from the camera which the Garmin does not. The whole unit weighs no more than two nickels!...

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on Jun 21, 2007 in Wildlife Photography, Great Stuff

Coming out of Retirement? – 06.21.07

As many of you know because you’ve called, I no longer lead wildlife photographic safaris. After doing them for 20+yrs, I hung them up. Well, an opportunity came up that I just couldn’t pass up (neither should you), being an assistant for Laurie on her upcoming safari to Fort DeSoto FL 2-7 March, 2008. That’s right, I’ll be driving the van, carrying Laurie’s bags and being a simple, lonely, abused and misguided assistant for a week (hopefully she remembers how nice I was to her way back when). Of course, I’m also there to help Laurie’s participants which are limited to just 6. So, if you want some true fun in the sun, photographing some way cool shorebirds, waders and other FL exotics, give Laurie a call at 503.703.3872. Laurie has other safaris planned so if you can’t make FL, she has other great photo opps lined up for you. Just don’t count on my being there, I can be abused only so much in a year’s time....

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on Jun 20, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

The Backyard – 06.20.07

I had office stuff to do today, but I had to shoot, too much happening to not be clicking away. I decide to set up a remote at one of our nest boxes on our property. The Mountain Chickadees were quite accommodating as they are a day or two away from fledging their brood. From the comfort of my desk chair, I simply fired away when I saw the parents come in. The camera is right, right under the nesting box. The 17-55AFS set to 24mm, manual focus, focusing on my hand to set up the trip point. Two, SB-800s clamped to the tripod vis Justin Clamps and controlled by a SU-800. A Pocket Wizard permitted me to work while I shot. Photo captured by D2Hs, 17-55AFS, 2-SB800s on Lexar digital...

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on Jun 18, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

How Fast They Grow – 06.18.07

Mother nature…what a wonder! While the sapsucker kids are still too small to peak out of their hole, the flicker kids have gotten huge! Now, only two can fit in the hole at one time when mom comes to feed. The wind was a pistol today to deal with, moving a large clump of leaves seemingly in the way every time mom came into feed. While I’m using two SB-800s, they are set up to flash fill and I can’t watch the action, chimp and change setting on the SU-800 fast enough. The greenish tint on the birds is from the flash blasting through some leaves. I don’t trim any foliage when at a nest, and keep the flashes themselves from blocking the flight path of the parents when they fly in. I could and guarantee the perfect photo, but I would be risking the welfare of the nest and no photo is worth that. I only spend 90min at the nest, enough time for 3 feedings and than...

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