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on Jun 18, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

How Fast They Grow – 06.18.07


Mother nature…what a wonder! While the sapsucker kids are still too small to peak out of their hole, the flicker kids have gotten huge! Now, only two can fit in the hole at one time when mom comes to feed. The wind was a pistol today to deal with, moving a large clump of leaves seemingly in the way every time mom came into feed. While I’m using two SB-800s, they are set up to flash fill and I can’t watch the action, chimp and change setting on the SU-800 fast enough. The greenish tint on the birds is from the flash blasting through some leaves. I don’t trim any foliage when at a nest, and keep the flashes themselves from blocking the flight path of the parents when they fly in. I could and guarantee the perfect photo, but I would be risking the welfare of the nest and no photo is worth that. I only spend 90min at the nest, enough time for 3 feedings and than I’m out of there. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

It’s cool that you can see the sexes of the kids now. The red mustaches on these two tells us they are males. The other two are females, no mustache.

Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4AFS II on Lexar digital film