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on Jun 20, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

The Backyard – 06.20.07


I had office stuff to do today, but I had to shoot, too much happening to not be clicking away. I decide to set up a remote at one of our nest boxes on our property. The Mountain Chickadees were quite accommodating as they are a day or two away from fledging their brood. From the comfort of my desk chair, I simply fired away when I saw the parents come in. The camera is right, right under the nesting box. The 17-55AFS set to 24mm, manual focus, focusing on my hand to set up the trip point. Two, SB-800s clamped to the tripod vis Justin Clamps and controlled by a SU-800. A Pocket Wizard permitted me to work while I shot.

Photo captured by D2Hs, 17-55AFS, 2-SB800s on Lexar digital film