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on Jun 21, 2007 in Great Stuff, Wildlife Photography

Coming out of Retirement? – 06.21.07


As many of you know because you’ve called, I no longer lead wildlife photographic safaris. After doing them for 20+yrs, I hung them up. Well, an opportunity came up that I just couldn’t pass up (neither should you), being an assistant for Laurie on her upcoming safari to Fort DeSoto FL 2-7 March, 2008. That’s right, I’ll be driving the van, carrying Laurie’s bags and being a simple, lonely, abused and misguided assistant for a week (hopefully she remembers how nice I was to her way back when). Of course, I’m also there to help Laurie’s participants which are limited to just 6. So, if you want some true fun in the sun, photographing some way cool shorebirds, waders and other FL exotics, give Laurie a call at 503.703.3872. Laurie has other safaris planned so if you can’t make FL, she has other great photo opps lined up for you. Just don’t count on my being there, I can be abused only so much in a year’s time. 🙂