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on Jun 23, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Coolest Tool Ever! – 06.23.07


My family knows me all too well! They got me the coolest toy tool ever for Father’s Day, the N2 di-GPS mini. GPS is a very important part of the projects I do. Being able record GPS data directly into the EXIF data of a image saves tons of time taking notes and is a whole lot more accurate. Up until a week ago, I used a Garmin unit that connected to the D2Xs, D2Hs or D200 via the MC-35. This is all very bulky and really only works when working off a tripod so I can secure the GPS unit and the long, long MC-35. The N2 di-GPS mini as you can see here, slips right into the hot shoe and its very, very short cord plugs into the 10pin socket. It draws its power (what little it uses but it does keep the camera on so you can drain it) from the camera which the Garmin does not. The whole unit weighs no more than two nickels!

You might be asking about running a cable release when using the N2 di-GPS. It has a submini socket that you can tap with a 2.5mm male plug. The di-GPS folks have a MC-30 fitted with a mini that plugs right into the unit. I made a 3.5mm – 2.5mm cable so I can use my Pocket Wizard with the unit. So don’t let the socket being used concern you, plenty of ways around it. Heck, according to this, you can have the folks at di-GPS modify the unit for you to still accept Nikon male plugs..

With its small size, no need for batteries and the ease of mapping using the MapIt feature in DigitalPro, I now have the di-GPS always attached to my camera, always. In fact I’m so hooked on it, I’m thinking of getting a 2nd unit so I don’t have switch the one I have from camera to camera. If there is a hitch to this unit, it takes about a minute to have real accurate readings, slightly longer than the Garmin but is by no means a big deal. It’s a great tool!