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on Jun 14, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

I was Smoked! – 06.14.07

Jake & I are just back from our morning shoot and Jake finally got around to loading his images from yesterday morning. He called me over to ask me what I thought of this image of Pygmy Nuthatches bringing food into their nest cavity. These birds, a little smaller than your thumb, are pretty secretive nesters so we were really excited to find the nest. So while I was off yesterday working the flicker nest (which is where we spent this morning as well), Jake was nailing this great image of the nuthatch. He has a special smile this afternoon knowing he smoked dad. Photo captured by Jake Peterson with a D2X, 600f4AFSII on Lexar digital...

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on Jun 13, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Oregon Coast DLWS Gallery – 06.13.07

As you know, we held our OR Coast DLWS event last week. What a totally exhilarating, exhausting time we all had! You might not know that after each DLWS event, I post a gallery of my favorite images I was able to capture during the event. You can view the gallery here. The above photograph was taken during the event (as it poured, poured rain) and the technique for bringing life to the lighthouse light was invented by our own Joe Sliger (that I’ve put my own twist to) during the event. It’s this kind of landscape photography opportunity, the magic of watching and learning from Joe McNally shooting (along with the rest of the DLWS staff) and top notch Photoshop instruction that makes DLWS the workshop. Currently, we only have a couple of openings in our next 4 events. So, if you’re thinking of joining us, love to have you but call sooner rather than later. Photo captured by D2Xs, 14f2.8AF on Lexar digital...

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on Jun 12, 2007 in Wildlife Photography

Whata Smile – 06.12.07

Ever since getting back from our OR Coast DLWS, Jake & I have been over at our favorite locale photographing the nesting birds. Some fledged while we were gone, but most are just starting to make their first appearances. While the Sapsucker young are too little to peak out the hole, these Red-shafted Flicker kids have no problem. About a week old, they climb over each other to get to the hole to get feed. While not the cutest yet (far from it actually), it is great fun watching and photographing them. We’ll spend the next couple of weeks with them, that’s for sure! Photo captured by D2Xs, 600f4AFSII w/SB-800 on Lexar digital...

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on Jun 7, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Behind the Scenes – 06.07.07

We’re on the road home after a GREAT DLWS event. Our Oregon DLWS event was the 1st one I didn’t plan, Laurie did it all. While it all went swimmingly well, there were some little things behind the scene that didn’t happen as planned. For example, we had planned a Two Hour tour on the Mary D Hume pictured here. We rescheduled. Thanks Laurie! Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4AF on Lexar digital...

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