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on Jul 3, 2007 in Great Stuff, Just Out!

Wildlife Photographer’s Base Camp – 07.03.07


Just how was that photo captured, what lens & technique were used? After attending WPBC you’ll know! Better yet, you’ll know when it counts, when YOU’RE behind the lens. This five day course is designed for the Nikon and Canon digital shooter to maximize the most of today’s technology and tools with time proven wildlife photography techniques.

Taught in various locales across North American, 10 participants will join Moose and his assistant Josh in some very intense learning. Our classroom is within four walls as well as behind the lens. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learned in the classroom, put it right to practice and than have your results critiqued so you can go right back out and build on what you’ve learned the very next day.

Peaked your interest, head here to learn more or simply call the office now to register. You’re going to learn tons, be totally exhilarated and completely exhausted by the end of the week!