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on Aug 27, 2007 in Random Thoughts, Great Stuff

And the favorite? – 08.27.07

We’ve heard from a bunch of folks who sailed with us last week. We sure do appreciate all the love notes. A common question has been, “What was my favorite photograph from the trip?” I decided to post it. One afternoon, a bunch of folks wanted to explore flash a bit more. We went to the 7th deck, midship to this very cool mural we had spotted days before. An old friend was on the ship, Barbara, who besides being gorgeous, was so sweet to put up with our flash shoot for an hour. The photo is actually pretty simple to take. The camera was left in AWB to take care of the lighting color balance on the mural. We underexposed the ambient light by minus 1/2 stop effecting that light. We than used one SB-800 that was gelled to bring the light down to Tungsten light balance (to match mural) and shot that through a Lastolite panel. Using a SU-800, we bumped it up to plus 1/2 to...

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on Aug 26, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Land Ho! – 08.26.07

After a brief stop at beautiful Victoria, Canada, Sharon & I are back at our 2nd home, Sea Tac airport. We had a marvelous time with some truly marvelous folks on the cruise. We want to thank them all for making it such an enjoyable time on and off the boat. We especially want to thank all who came to the Martini Bar where we (Sharon, myself, Laurie & Frank) could be found every evening. We made some wonder new friends. While I don’t think cruise ships and mooses are made for each other, it was mighty smooth sailing this time. You might be looking at the title of the post and than the photo wondering how the two relate. Well, I took this photo when we entered US waters outside of Seattle. Under that water is US soil :) This photo was taken from our balcony looking straight down at the ship’s wake. Now, it’s off to Photoshop World to meet and say hello to a whole other...

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on Aug 24, 2007 in Landscape Photography

The day in a click – 08.24.07

We’re in Ketchikan today, a rainy, gray, cold day with no real photo ops blowing up the down jacket. At one local where there was a black bear, this old trailer is what summed it all up for me. Photo captured by D2Hs, 14AF on Lexar digital...

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on Aug 23, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Glacier Bay, wow! – 08.23.07

We cruised Glacier Bay today and it was cool. It was nowhere are big as I thought, but what we saw was just gorgeous. Shooting was fun, using mostly long lens and panning with the ship spinning in front of the front. The name of the game is patterns, graphics and inspiration. It was great! Photo captured by D2Xs, 200VR on Lexar digital...

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on Aug 23, 2007 in Wildlife Photography, Great Stuff

Rare Sightings – 08.22.07

Well…grizzly bears are not rare, but seeing Dave Cross and his daughter in downtown Haines sure is! We had a great day ashore photographing grizzly bears. bald eagles, sights and happenings of Haines. We’re now in Glacier Bay and I’m heading out to shoot. As you know by now, Nikon has announced the D3, D300 and new VR telelphotos. Like you, this is all new news to me. While I appreciate all the emails asking my advice and opinions (437), I haven’t seen and don’t have the gear to provide personal insight. All I have is the same info you have on the web. I can happily report though that our D2Xs and 600AFSII still work and produce great images! I highly recommend you go out and shoot, enjoy photography and all will be well! Photos captured by D2Xs, 200VR & D200, 14AF on Lexar digital...

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