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on Aug 23, 2007 in Great Stuff, Wildlife Photography

Rare Sightings – 08.22.07



Well…grizzly bears are not rare, but seeing Dave Cross and his daughter in downtown Haines sure is! We had a great day ashore photographing grizzly bears. bald eagles, sights and happenings of Haines. We’re now in Glacier Bay and I’m heading out to shoot.

As you know by now, Nikon has announced the D3, D300 and new VR telelphotos. Like you, this is all new news to me. While I appreciate all the emails asking my advice and opinions (437), I haven’t seen and don’t have the gear to provide personal insight. All I have is the same info you have on the web. I can happily report though that our D2Xs and 600AFSII still work and produce great images! I highly recommend you go out and shoot, enjoy photography and all will be well!

Photos captured by D2Xs, 200VR & D200, 14AF on Lexar digital film