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on Aug 26, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Land Ho! – 08.26.07


After a brief stop at beautiful Victoria, Canada, Sharon & I are back at our 2nd home, Sea Tac airport. We had a marvelous time with some truly marvelous folks on the cruise. We want to thank them all for making it such an enjoyable time on and off the boat. We especially want to thank all who came to the Martini Bar where we (Sharon, myself, Laurie & Frank) could be found every evening. We made some wonder new friends. While I don’t think cruise ships and mooses are made for each other, it was mighty smooth sailing this time.

You might be looking at the title of the post and than the photo wondering how the two relate. Well, I took this photo when we entered US waters outside of Seattle. Under that water is US soil 🙂 This photo was taken from our balcony looking straight down at the ship’s wake. Now, it’s off to Photoshop World to meet and say hello to a whole other bunch of nice folks, get my batteries recharged and have merry. Cya there!

Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital film