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on Aug 27, 2007 in Great Stuff, Random Thoughts

And the favorite? – 08.27.07


We’ve heard from a bunch of folks who sailed with us last week. We sure do appreciate all the love notes. A common question has been, “What was my favorite photograph from the trip?” I decided to post it. One afternoon, a bunch of folks wanted to explore flash a bit more. We went to the 7th deck, midship to this very cool mural we had spotted days before. An old friend was on the ship, Barbara, who besides being gorgeous, was so sweet to put up with our flash shoot for an hour.

The photo is actually pretty simple to take. The camera was left in AWB to take care of the lighting color balance on the mural. We underexposed the ambient light by minus 1/2 stop effecting that light. We than used one SB-800 that was gelled to bring the light down to Tungsten light balance (to match mural) and shot that through a Lastolite panel. Using a SU-800, we bumped it up to plus 1/2 to cancel out the minus on the body. Than, we just had to wait for the folks to not be behind the model and click. I want to thank Barbara for her patience and Able for helping all the Canon folks get their 580 flashes to work pretty much like the SB-800 was functioning.

And that’s my favorite shot from the voyage.

Photo captured by D2Xs, 70-180micro on Lexar digital film