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on Sep 1, 2007 in Great Stuff, Random Thoughts

I’ve been Kidnapped! – 09.01.07


There we were, standing in the valet parking at the Luxor, minding our own business when I was kidnapped by a mad doctor (pictured here)! Sharon is still safe & sound at the Luxor, I on the other hand have been driven to Seligman, AZ. Where the hell is Seligman, AZ? I’m being treated very well, had a great steak at the Roadkill Cafe but I’ve been told I have to be ready to go at 5AM. I was told I won’t be able to talk to the world until the 5th. Wish me luck, I’m in the hands a crazed mind!

Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4AF on Lexar digital film