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on Sep 18, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Great Lakes day 2 AM – 09.18.07



What a glorious morning! The DLWS gang headed out to the rural center of the UP and cruised the roads looking for and found Americana. This is a old, one room school house nestled in corn fields in a little valley. We spent sunrise here working the area finding marvelous subjects and having a grand time in the warm temps.

The predawn sky was just killer for working wide. The direction of the school house in orientation to the rising sun, the clouds breaking overhead and the light bouncing of them is what created the natural hallo of light you see in the photo. It was a natural for B&W done in CS3. The light on the front of the school house 45min later naturally drew your eye into the door. The paint is very faded on the sides of the school house and dirty in the bright light. What you see here is a straight shot with the brighter door and jam bringing the eye right into the middle of the photo.

I was dying for something to charge by so I could put the D3’s AF system through its paces. I’m using the 21area AF and it works really, really nice. I was shocked when I first started to play with the D3 in a darken room during a slide presentation and the D3 in those very dim conditions was able to focus on black items. I picked up the D2Xs and it couldn’t even focus on the same items. I’ve been shooting with the new 24-70VR and wow, what a bloody sharp lens! It’s much smaller in real life than I thought it was from the photos and feels really good in the hand. Hopefully this afternoon, I can plug the D3 on my 600AFS II and really give the AF a solid test.

Photos captured by D3, 14AF / 24-70AFS on Lexar digital UDMA film