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on Sep 18, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Great Lakes day 2 PM – 09.18.07


It was simply a great evening of shooting at Elk Rapids!

It’s great to see the HUGE interest in the few D3 images and trivia I’ve posted here on the blog. In a 12hr period today, the blog received over 1.7mil hits at an average of 20per second. That’s all in response to folks thirsting for info on this killer camera. It also caused our server to crash 4 times!

I’ll be posting no more info on the D3 until later in the year at the time folks are able to buy them for themselves (I’ll post a couple closing images tomorrow AM). I hope that the timing will be such that our new server, text and knowledge of the D3 and website will be out at the time you need it and have a D3 in YOUR hands. For all those emails that have been sent in regards to the D3 that I have not (and won’t be) answered, my apologies but I’m out shooting and simply don’t have time to answer the questions time will shortly answered for all.

Photo captured by D3, 600f4AFS II on Lexar digital UDMA film