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on Sep 28, 2007 in Random Thoughts, Wildlife Photography

Wolves – 09.28.07

This just came in, thought you might like to know about it….

Endangered Species Coalition

Act now to stop hundreds of wolves from being slaughtered!


The Bush Administration is planning to kill hundreds of endangered wolves in the Northern Rockies. We need your help to save wolves from these disastrous policies.


  The recovery of the gray wolf in the northern Rockies is one of the great Endangered Species Act success stories and an unparalleled feat of ecological restoration. The biologists, conservationists and wildlife managers can celebrate an amazing return of the wolf from the brink of extinction. Last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took the first step toward the eventual removal of Endangered Species Act safeguards, which would leave protection entirely up to the states.


Unfortunately, the Bush Administration wants to turn back the clock on wolf restoration by proposing a new rule that will allow states to kill hundreds of wolves,

even while wolves still remain under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. In fact, Idaho and Wyoming have already announced plans to “manage� wolves down to minimum levels and are likely to use this new rule to begin doing so.


Please tell the US Fish and Wildlife Service to reject the plan to weaken wolf management rules under the Endangered Species Act.


Thanks for speaking up for wildlife! For more information, please visit the Endangered Species Coalition at:




Derek Goldman

Northern Rockies Field Representative

Endangered Species Coalition