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on Oct 29, 2007 in Landscape Photography, Camera Gear Posts

End of a Great Day – 10.29.07

Passing the snow plow, Sharon & I raced up the hill when we saw a break in the storm (it had been snowing most of the afternoon). Within a couple of minutes, we were at 9300 feet at one of our favorite vistas overlooking the Eastern Sierra. There, the storm was reforming for the snow coming tonight. I had a great time running around shooting with the D3 a fast changing scene. I had programmed the D3 so the DOF Preview button when depressed shows the Virtual Horizon inside the viewfinder which really helped me as I steadied myself on the hillside. Getting horizons straight is a challenge for me. Than the breeze brought a small, temporary opening so we could almost see the bottom of the San Joaquin River down below. The swirling fog moved fast, the D3 had no problem finding and holding focus while metering the scene perfectly. And than as we turned to head back to home, the storm parked literally over our home and...

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on Oct 23, 2007 in Random Thoughts, Great Stuff

Oh the Fun! – 10.23.07

Sharon & I are still down in FL at the NAPP mothership working on some projects. The day’s work was paused for a taping of the Oct 29th episode of PhotoshopUser TV (seen here). If you think Scott, Dave & Matt have way too much fun when you watch an episode, that doesn’t even compare to the taping. I was lucky enough (if you call it luck) to be included in this episode, but I think it was only because I brought the D3. You’ll have to check out the episode to see what happens to the D3 in the end. Photo captured (before taping) by D3, 14-24AFS (ISO200) on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on Oct 27, 2007 in Random Thoughts

Many Thanks! – 10.27.07

After a month on the road, Sharon & I have made it back home, momentarily. There’s nothing finer than a nip in the air (34 degrees this AM), fire in the hearth and a fresh cup of coffee sitting in my favorite chair. I’m here getting caught up on some things, trying to get ready for our Base Camp which begins in a week, and simply catching my breath. Sharon & I want to thank all the great folks we worked with and met this past month of travel! The great folks at Service Photo and Penn Camera and their patrons who joined us at our first Pixel Packin’ Pleasure tour in DC. The great folks at our Maine & Cape Cod DLWS events, wow, you made those weeks fly with all the fun. The marvelous folks at NAPP headquarters who we simply think of as extended family. Sharon & I especially want to thank the greatest group of folks we have the honor to be associated with, and...

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on Oct 22, 2007 in Wildlife Photography, Random Thoughts

How Apropos – 10.22.07

Well, after a great weekend celebrating the wedding of our dear friend Dave Moser, a great morning with our first visit to NAPP headquarters, Sharon & I & the D3 headed to Honeymoon Island to shoot. Started off with a very cooperative Roseatte Spoonbill. Than a fishing Snowy Egret cruised on by. And just as the sun was heading down for the last count, this Short-billed Dowitcher came up to say hello. This was my first time to get out and shoot wildlife with the D3 and man, does it ever deliver! The image detail still just blows my socks off, you can count the barbs on the feathers. The metering nailed all the exposures for every situation and the sound of the motordrive, well I’m playing it right now. I have the D3 & 14-24AFS for a couple of weeks. I’m just starting a new project so once it’s done and I’ve shot more with the D3, I’ll post images and updates as I can. Photos captured by...

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on Oct 18, 2007 in Landscape Photography

Cape Cod Day3 PM – 10.17.07

Where does the time go? Another DLWS has come and gone and wow, what fun we had! Our last shoot was at Rock Harbor where a glorious sunset sent of on our way. I was more intrigued by the lobster boats in the harbor myself, the results of which you can see above. We’re leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again…..we’re heading….to Tampa! We’re on our way to our dear friend’s wedding and than to NAPp headquarters next week for mayhem. Stay tuned as I’ll have a D3 in my hands :) Photos captured by D2Xs, 200VR on Lexar digital...

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