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on Oct 27, 2007 in Random Thoughts

Many Thanks! – 10.27.07

After a month on the road, Sharon & I have made it back home, momentarily. There’s nothing finer than a nip in the air (34 degrees this AM), fire in the hearth and a fresh cup of coffee sitting in my favorite chair. I’m here getting caught up on some things, trying to get ready for our Base Camp which begins in a week, and simply catching my breath. Sharon & I want to thank all the great folks we worked with and met this past month of travel!

The great folks at Service Photo and Penn Camera and their patrons who joined us at our first Pixel Packin’ Pleasure tour in DC. The great folks at our Maine & Cape Cod DLWS events, wow, you made those weeks fly with all the fun. The marvelous folks at NAPP headquarters who we simply think of as extended family. Sharon & I especially want to thank the greatest group of folks we have the honor to be associated with, and that’s the DLWS staff! The two weeks we spent with Joe, Laurie, Kevin, Josh, Brad & Joe were two very memorable and special weeks that we’ll never forget. While it feels great to be home, it didn’t feel all that bad being on the road with all of you!

Thanks one and all!