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on Nov 29, 2007 in Random Thoughts

Blog-email notification – 11.29.07

Sign me up for Moose News! Those of you who are “old” Moose News readers remember when it use to be a simple email I sent out. Then come modern times and the blog version of Moose News and RRS Feeds to keep up you up to date with new postings. Then came devices like the iPhone where you can easily receive emails on the road, easier than checking RRS Feeds. So my brilliant webmistress (who is responsible for our new cool D3 site) just found and added to the blog email subscriber. You click on it, type in your email address (which goes no further) and you’ll receive an email notification when the blog is updated. And right now, you can do it right here on this blog...

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on Nov 27, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

D3 File Mngmt – 11.27.07

One question is flooding in, “how am I dealing with D3 files?” Real simple, DigitalPro 4.2 and Capture NX 1.3. I’ve been very fortunate to be on the Alpha & Beta for both of these programs so know firsthand just how killer a duo they are. Did you know that DigitalPro displays not just the Nefs from the D3/D300, but also photo info such as Flash Compensation and Picture Control (and a whole lot more)? Did you know that in NX 1.3 under Edit List > Base Adjustments > Camera Adjustments you access Picture Control where you can either change what you had set in the camera, or create a curve and load it into your camera?   It’s using these programs and knowing what they can do that makes it possible for me to get through my images so quickly and than, back out behind the camera again. You can check out either program for 30days for FREE…You should do just that! DigitalPro download / Capture NX...

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on Nov 26, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff, Just Out!

D3 Site – 11.26.07

With the D300 now in folk’s hands (lucky people…I’ve not shot one yet) and with the D3’s eminent release, I thought this would be a good time to make live our D3 site. What you’ll find here are just some of my early observations shooting with the D3. I really enjoy shooting with the D3, know you will as well! This is just a user report based on my first month of shooting with the D3. It’s nowhere near complete, I have more I want to add, this is just a start. We have more to post but that won’t happen until we simply have more free time to get the writing done and videos edited. We hope though this gets you excited and ready to shoot with the D3 once you have yours in hand....

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on Nov 23, 2007 in Random Thoughts

Kids are home – 11.23.07

Our boys are home from college for the holiday weekend and of course, the notebooks are out and the new things they’ve discovered are being shared. Now the majority of the time, it’s stuff that, well, only college kids would be into (like YouTube videos) but than they told me about this. It’s called Stumbleupon which is a website that helps you stumble upon other websites. You can just let it randomly stumble upon sites or tell it something specific like photography or photoshop or biology and than it stumbles on just those kinds of sites. It’s not only fun, but you can find some really cool things out on the www that you otherwise would probably never stumble upon. So, while you’re playing couch potato this weekend with all the games on, give it a...

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