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on Nov 26, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff, Just Out!

D3 Site – 11.26.07


With the D300 now in folk’s hands (lucky people…I’ve not shot one yet) and with the D3’s eminent release, I thought this would be a good time to make live our D3 site. What you’ll find here are just some of my early observations shooting with the D3. I really enjoy shooting with the D3, know you will as well! This is just a user report based on my first month of shooting with the D3. It’s nowhere near complete, I have more I want to add, this is just a start. We have more to post but that won’t happen until we simply have more free time to get the writing done and videos edited. We hope though this gets you excited and ready to shoot with the D3 once you have yours in hand. Enjoy!