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on Dec 26, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

RRS BD3-L – 12.26.07


Just in time for the family portraits around the ole xmas tree, Really Right Stuff (RRS) delievered their BD3-L plate. It’s truly a work of art besides being an incredibly important tool!

I’ve received a number of emails from folks asking just how I use / deal with all the body plates. Well, the BD3-L resides the majority of the time off my main D3 body. I attach it to the main body (what is normally attached to the 600f4 AFS II) when I’m heading out to photograph landscapes. I always have the BD3-L with me, just not always on the body. The second D3 body which always has a strap on it and rides mainly on my shoulder, always, always has the RRS BD3 plate attached. The D300 always has attached to it the RRS BD300 . Why do I do it this way?

The L Plate is essential when shooting landscapes, couldn’t make the images without it. It’s not needed when shooting wildlife so why carry the weight? The 2nd body riding on my shoulder is rarely on a tripod, but just in case, it has the BD3. Why not just attach the BD3-L onto it? Why carry the weight? While I might have all the right stuff with me doesn’t mean I need to have it on me all the time, only those times when I need their magic. Hope that helps.