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on Dec 28, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Random Thoughts

FedEx case is getting heavier – 12.28.07


If things just weren’t interesting enough when you fly these days, TSA is making them even more so starting Jan 1. TSA has a whole new set of regs for lithium batteries, spare batteries in particular that can no longer fly. It’s not all grim, some spare batteries can go as carry-on though not checked (you had plenty of spare room for spare batteries in your carry-on, right?).

TSA uses a unit of measure, grams lithium, which while we might be able to decipher it, I seriously doubt most TSA agents will be able to with some of our unique camera batteries. Especially on the fly as bags go past them with the pressure of time on their shoulders. I contemplated adding my spare Dell batteries to this photo but I didn’t want to totally freak you out with the news. So, I guess I’ll be shipping all my spare batteries in my FedEx Pelican along with lenses and other items that simply can’t be trusted to fly in the belly of the plane.

Update: This explanation of the new regs was just posted. Interesting that the TSA site pictures rechargeable batteries, has it in its text, yet it’s supposed to only cover non-rechargeable batteries as a possible fire risk. Clear as mud!

In case you’re wondering, I use the Pelican 1660 to ship my extra gear to locations. These days, typically this contains the 200-400VR, 200VR, Lastolite panels, SB-800s, Leatherman, litestands, Justin Clamps, binoculars and now, spare batteries.