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on Dec 31, 2007 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

di-GPS & SC cords – 12.31.07


The GPS craze has hit big time, must have been a favorite stocking stuffer this year. That’s cool! I’ve received a number of emails in regards to the di-GPS especially about it just “dangling” when you have something else in the camera’s hot shot. Here’s my solution.

I rarely work with flash on camera, it’s mostly off camera so I’m using an SC cable, either the SC-28 or SC-29. The SC-28 is the cord I use for general photography; the SC-29 I’ve cut down and is used just with the Wimberley F-9 Flash Arm when I’m shooting with the 600f4 on a tripod. I have a number of “hot shoe” receivers lying around in the drawers, so I have attached them to the tops of the SC cable foot that slips into the camera’s hot shoe. You can just Crazy Glue them on, but they tend to snap off. Using Pilot Point drill bits (not pointed tips), I’ve drilled holes into the top of the SC foot and screwed in as well as Crazy glued the hot shoe receiver. They never snap off, but drilling holes into your cords is not for the weak of heart and it most definitely voids the warranty.

What about when I have a SU-800 attached? I’ve not had the nerve to drill into the side of mine yet to attach a hot shoe receiver. That’s where I draw the line. But, I’m still looking for a solution to when it’s attached to the hot shoe. There are times when the SU-800 is in a SC cable and those times, the problem is solved.

One last note. The hot shoe receivers don’t always snuggly hold the di-GPS. I simply used a couple layers of electrical tape in the base of the hot shoe receiver to build it up and hold the di-GPS foot in tight. Hope this helps, have fun!