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on Jan 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Lexar's UDMA USB Reader


Lexar’s new Professional UDMA Dual-Slot USB Reader is out. It’s a dual slot reader, well, a slot for SD and a slot for CF cards. This is great for Canon shooters, not so hot for D3 shooters. The new reader supports UDMA speed, too bad USB2 doesn’t carry it through. Us Win folks now have a UDMA reader (fatest available) but it’s nowhere the speed of Firewire800, not even in the same neighborhood. Unless you install a Firewire800 card in your computer can you take advantage of UDMA blistering speed. (Update: I’ve just been told I might have a bad prototype reader, so the numbers posted were wrong. New reader coming, will post times when I have it in hand.) Add to this needing to load multiple CF cards, you’re back in the dark age I feel. So here’s the deal.

You’ll find below a simple Email Petition. I’m calling on YOU to email Lexar (where this petition goes directly) to petition for a single multi slot CF card reader be designed with blistering UDMA speed. Lexar does have the Pro CompactFlash Readers, but they are anything but compact especially when you have to add the Hub to make it all work. But this is still what I prefer because with 1 click I can upload up to 4 CF cards. With the D3 having dual slots, it only makes sense we have 1 CF card reader with multi slots. So here’s your opportunity to ASK Lexar to make your life a little easier by requesting a single, multi-slot CF reader!