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on Jan 11, 2008 in Landscape Photography, Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

All Dressed in White


The classic Yellowstone photo is the bison in snow and on our first venture out this afternoon, we were easily able to take the token Bison photo. Of course, I hope to greatly improve on this. The snow on the face of this bull is from plowing the snow away off the ground to find the few dried grasses leftover from summer. It wasn’t cold enough for frost to form and stick on their coats. Hopefully it will get colder than our 15 degrees today.


Light had fallen below the horizon as we were leaving the mud pots when I found another addition to my snow sculpture collection. I like this better than most, but still looking for the shot.



There is probably more photogenic though than the frozen steam caught in mid air by the pines surrounding the thermals. The very slight, slight glow in the far off horizon gives the scene an unearthly feel making you wonder if it’s real or not. The boardwalks which in the summer are quite a challenge to hide in your photograph are hard to find in the winter time. They are covered with snow so watching where you step is real important or otherwise, you’ll warm your toes more than you might desire!

Photos captured by D3, 200-400VR/14-24AFS/24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film