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on Jan 14, 2008 in Landscape Photography, Yellowstone Life

We live for days like this!




There are those days when no matter what you know, you can’t scare up an image to save your life. Today was anything but one of those. The entire DLWS gang had a monstrous day of shooting in Yellowstone with the photogods presenting to us all that is Yellowstone. We had the hoar frost light up just at the right moment when we stopped to photograph the rising steam of Paint Pots. We had blue sky come out behind and the wind stop when we photographed Old Faithful which performed the highest display in months. And we ended the day with incredible light and subjects, so many you had to make a choice sacrificing ten other great subjects. I choose to finish the day with this Bison Bull which had just one side a frozen puzzle from sleeping on a thermal area. 64GB of images later, all I can say about the day is it was simply, magical!

Photos captured by D3, 200-400VR/24-70AFS/200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film