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on Jan 15, 2008 in Landscape Photography, Wildlife Photography

We could be in trouble


You can’t tell from this photograph, but when we left the lodge at 0’dark thirty it was in a driving, cold, nasty snow storm. All the drive out to Old Faithful the snow storm continued. We exited the coaches and it was still snowing. We headed inside for a killer Joe McNally lighting class and when he was all done, well you can see for yourself above. We had another glorious day of light so we spent nearly all of it in the Upper Geyser Basin. Here’s just one of the many geysers and an overview of the upper basin. During our two mile walk, we came across this ole boy.


I was able to use Sharon’s xmas present, a 70-300VR for the first time and man, what a marvelous lens. This old bull is plowing the snow to find grass to munch.



We than headed over to Midway Geyser Basin for a spectacular light display.



I’m not sure who likes us so much to provide unbelievable weather in winter here in Yellowstone, but I sure hope they continue to do so tomorrow.

I invite you to see some other great images from the DLWS staff to be inspired by the beauty found in Yellowstone. Be sure to check out Laurie’s, Kevin’s, Josh’s and Jake’s blogs!

Photos captured by D3, 14-24AFS / 70-300VR on Lexar UDMA digital film