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on Feb 28, 2008 in Wildlife Photography, Camera Gear Posts

What about the flash?

This has been a common question of late, “what about flash and the D3?” and it’s a darn good question. What about using iTTL flash with the D3? What about using flash with the 600VR? What about using flash with wildlife? All darn good questions that I’m trying to produce new content as quickly as I can to help answer. I have two of the three answers up for you now. We’ve just posted TWO NEW videos on D3 flash. You can find them here. I’ve posted a new paper on the basics of using iTTL flash in the D3 and flash in general you can find here. Hopefully while I’m on the road the next couple of weeks (in part filming Wildlife Photography videos for Kelby Training), I can get some content written on flash for wildlife. Flash for wildlife is different from what you’ll learn from the greats, the Strobist or Joe McNally because we have no control over our subject so it requires a little different...

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on Feb 26, 2008 in Landscape Photography

1st Floor View

There are days when you know there is snow waiting for you on the drive to move, it’s blowing out and the thermometer is trying to break 20. Near the end of winter, these kind of days like we had this past weekend (4′ of new snow in 36hrs) just don’t stir one to get out and shoot. Then, there are the rest of the mornings and the view out the 1st floor window is like this and beautiful light greets you. It’s then I run out the door with camera in hand looking for subjects. Many subjects are created in the darkness of night as winter freezes, bracing in its attempts to hold on one more day against the warming spring sun. One subject that seems to elude me quite often are icicles. The biggest problem is being able to work them so you have a clean background. That just ain’t easy. Well, today one grew long enough during the night so on my explorations I just happened...

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on Feb 23, 2008 in Wildlife Photography, Random Thoughts

Made your summer plans?

With two new feet of snow on the ground and more falling, it’s a great time to think of the warmth of summer, AND the great opportunities there are for photography. Sharon & I already have our plans so now it’s time to do the homework so we’re ready to go. One of the projects this summer involves Griz and as you all know, it’s a long time favorite of ours. One of the things I do to prepare is go through my old images to see what I’ve captured in the past, the images that work, those that don’t and how I can improve. At the same time, I think about what new camera gear and techniques I have to bring to an “old” subject to make it a “new” subject. For example, looking through my old griz images, I noticed I don’t have many horizontal head shots. Lots of verticals like this bruin at Brooks Falls, but very few horizontals. Something to put down on the list...

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on Feb 20, 2008 in Landscape Photography

Had to do it

5:32PM, I head out the door to check the sky, no clouds in the east, there’s a chance. Headed out at 6:15, no hint of the moon. Out again at 6:45, still nothing. I knew the eclipse would be totality at 7:01 so went out one more time at 6:55 and there, in the trees on the ridge was a slight orange edge. The 600VR was sitting on the walk so I grabbed it, got Sharon to come out to direct traffic (I was standing out in the middle of the road) as I made a couple clicks. This is the combination of two images. I wanted to use the double exposure feature of the D3 but had to move twice for vehicles. The lower image is when the moon just appeared over the mtn behind our home and the 2nd is at 7:08 after the moon had cleared the ridge and was past totality. The images were shot at ISO 1600, f/5.6, spot metered and combined in Photoshop....

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on Feb 20, 2008 in Great Stuff, Just Out!

Brace yourself Effie!

Oh my, we’ve gone and finally done it, joined the online video craz (remember, I was hesitant to get into the blog craz too). The first two of our D3 videos are now posted. They cover the AF operation of the D3. Learning Premiere actually turned out to be the easiest part of this. Did you know that SB-800s don’t work with video? I’ve got new lights coming because I’ve got to improve the lighting but at least the information is still there. Working on the next two videos right now on D3 flash, hope to have them up in the next week....

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