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on Feb 23, 2008 in Random Thoughts, Wildlife Photography

Made your summer plans?


With two new feet of snow on the ground and more falling, it’s a great time to think of the warmth of summer, AND the great opportunities there are for photography. Sharon & I already have our plans so now it’s time to do the homework so we’re ready to go. One of the projects this summer involves Griz and as you all know, it’s a long time favorite of ours. One of the things I do to prepare is go through my old images to see what I’ve captured in the past, the images that work, those that don’t and how I can improve. At the same time, I think about what new camera gear and techniques I have to bring to an “old” subject to make it a “new” subject.

For example, looking through my old griz images, I noticed I don’t have many horizontal head shots. Lots of verticals like this bruin at Brooks Falls, but very few horizontals. Something to put down on the list to do. My collection of battle wounds, close up shots, is pretty slim as well, something to further investigate. Both of these shots mean getting tighter on the griz so that might mean taking the 600VR rather than the 200-400VR. I don’t know, it is a decision I’ll have to think about in the months to come. But that’s the benefit of looking at what I’ve captured so far so I can improve on what’s to come. Make those plans now, so you’re photographically ready to make the most of them when they’re in the viewfinder!

Photo captured by D1, 400f2.8AFS w/TC-14e on Lexar digital film